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Suffering for Kisses is a Californian goth/post-punk project. On 3 May their first album, « Forever Waiting », was released. And we enjoyed listening to it!

  1. First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers (how long have you been playing music, what are the names of the bands you were previously involved in, etc.)?
  2. I have been writing, playing and producing music since the early 1990's. My main music is produced under The Gnome or Gnomes of Kush and consist of Ambient and Down Tempo music. I also have a project called Gnome & Spybey with Mark Spybey of Dead Voices On Air that is experimental ambient music and Crisis Actor with David Thrussell of Snog that is more EBM / Industrial. My home base for years now has been the German label Ant-Zen and British label Section Records.

  3. According to your bandcamp, you are from Oakland, a city in California. How is the gothic/post-punk scene in Oakland?
  4. I am originally from Los Angeles but have lived in many different places. I am just currently living in Oakland. The Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area has always has a fairly strong Goth / Industrial scene.

  5. « Forever Waiting » is your first album. You pay great attention to the rythmic section (bass guitar + drums) in most of your songs. Do you started your career as a bass player, or as a drummer?
  6. I come from a background of producing and DJ'ing electronic dance music, so rhythm and bass has always been a strong factor with this. But, I did also take drum lessons for years when i was younger.

  7. According to your lyrics, it seems that love, mainly in its sexual aspects (« The Waiting » or « Touch »), is your main source of inspiration. However, there is always a dimension of sadness (or melancholy) in your words. Do you consider that love cannot exist without any suffering?
  8. I mostly wrote these songs for my lover. She is always keeping me waiting haha ...but she is totally worth it!

  9. What are your main influences in music, literature or cinema ? In which way do they inspire you when you write your songs?
  10. I am influenced by everything! It is difficult so narrow down just a few. In relation to this kind of music I would say The Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, Sisters of Mercy etc. The stuff i mostly grew up on in the 80's. It's always had a place in my heart and that is what inspires me.

  11. Will you play live in Europe in the near future, in order to promote your first album?
  12. Not sure! Let's see what the future brings...

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