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We enjoyed the first EP of a Californian band called Shrouds.
We wanted to know more about this deathrock project, here are their answers to our questions.
Line-up : Steven Rivera (Guitar / Vocals) Grimm Beatz (Drummer) Ludwig Wilde (Bassist)

  1. Could you briefly introduce Shrouds to our readers ? When did you start playing together ?
  2. Steven : The idea for the band Shrouds came from wanting to play music inspired by the Deathrock bands of the 80s. Grimm and I started playing music together in 2012 and we´ve had a few bassists since. Grimm´s bandmate, Ludwig Wilde from his other band Bell Tower Bats volunteered to play bass for us in 2016 and has been with us since.

  3. Like many famous gothic or deathrock bands, you live in California. How do you explain the existence of such an important dark musical scene in this sunny part of the United States ?
  4. Steven : I´m not sure why many talented bands in the scene have come out of California, but my guess is that it has to do with California´s reputation as the place to go to pursue a musical career.
    There may just be more of a concentrated audience and enough venues for live bands to gain exposure here.

  5. What are your main influences, as regards music, cinema and literature ?
  6. Steven : I take musical inspiration from a lot of different musicians and bands. To name a few: T.S.O.L., Sex Gang Children, The Cult, Christian Death (rozz williams), Cinema Strange, Dead or Alive (early recordings).
    I don´t think the band is influenced significant by cinema, but i do enjoy anything surreal, or a good science fiction film with political themes. As for literature, anything from Dante´s Inferno to books about occult knowledge inspire my lyrics.

  7. How did you choose the band´s name, Shrouds ? Was it an obvious choice from the start ?
  8. Steven : It took a few years before we settled on a name. Grimm came up with the name. We arrived at that decision after sending a few ideas back and forth. The theme of something visually obscuring appealed to me.

  9. Many of your lyrics deal with religion (« Sin », « Mercy », « Circles » with a reference to Cerberus). In which way does this topic inspire you ?
  10. Shrouds, Initiation

    Steven : I think religion evokes a strong response in people. No matter their views, it is a force that impacts them daily without them even being aware of it.
    I also feel that songs can be considered rituals and just as in rituals, invoking names of certain powers is a way to make a ritual more effective.

  11. My favourite song in your E.P. is called « Initiation ». In this particular case, did the lyrics come first, or was it the music ?
  12. Steven : The music came first, but some of the lines i used were written beforehand and then edited to fit the music.

  13. Have you ever played live in Europe ? Do you plan to take part to a festival next year, that will be organised in Europe, and, in particular, in France ?
  14. Steven : I´d love to play live in Europe. We don´t have any plans on doing so anytime soon. When we have more songs ready I´d gladly accept an invitation to play a festival.

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