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A Gothic and post-punk combo from Essen and Bochum, Germany

Atomic Neon

First of all, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello.. I´m Rio Black !!!!!! .. and we are Atomic Neon a Post-Punk band from Germany (Essen/Bochum).

ATOMIC NEON (Current Live Band (2016)) :

Rio Black (vox./lyr.)
Sandy (bass)
Lars Kappeler (git./rec.)
Ro Boheme (git.)
Friedi Hü (drums)
Dani Dark (key)

The melody is very important in your works. When creating a song, do you start with the music, or do the lyrics come first ?

It is different... mostly, the music comes to me first as a recording (from the rehearsal room, or as a home demo) ... and then I write the lyrics... sometimes... the text arises at a rehearsal... impulsive... and... I also write lyrics without music and someday it fits then to a new song ?! ;-)

Your 2015 album « Down » sounds like a very good rock album with some gothic/darkwave aspects. What is your background as musicians ?

The most of the ATOMIC NEONs are playing ... since years.... in various bands... ! Lars Kappeler is actually bassist and he also plays the bass in his own band, but with us he plays... awesome ... the guitar (2010).
Ro Boheme previously played in metal bands guitar. He is our youngest member (2015).
Sandy began playing the keyboard for us and then she switched to the bass (2009 – keys),(since 2010 bass). She also played the bass in other Bands.
Just for Friedi Hü and Dani Dark was Atomic Neon the first Band,(2010). And I (Rio Black) write my lyrics since 20 years or more... I sang in various Punk and Wave bands ... and I´m on stage since 1994 .

We are all old school post-punk, dark rocker and waver ! ;-)

Some of your songs seem to be inspired by The Cure, especially on your 2016 Album called « The Bodanegra Session » (« Another Way », « Dark City »). Do you have a special feeling towards their music ? What are your main influences apart from this important and talented group ?

First, I must say, The Bodanegra Session CD is not a band album, I made the songs with a friend - John Smith (Bodanegra) ... as a special ... for Atomic Neon

I love The Cure and David Bowie... yes., they belong definitely to MY influences !!! That is my feeling to it...yeah... LOVE

But WE (the band) are influenced by much more music ... mostly from the 80s and 90s ... Cure, Nephilim, Sisters, Charles De Goal, The Chameleons, Joy Division, Talking Heads,... !

And I hope in the end, we are more Atomic Neon, as any other band ! (Which was already there !) ;-)

Could you tell us a few words about the song « Dark City ». Does it refer to Essen, the city you are from ?

Maybe yes, Essen is one of those gray industrial cities in Germany, (Bochum as well)... I live in Essen and our rehearsal room is in Bochum, both cities are located in an area that calls « Ruhrpott » ... sooner... coal was mined here ... a center full of steel mills and old mines ... that's quite a while ago ... but despite all efforts, it remains « dark » here... ! But I think that there are many cities like this... gray people... always in a hurry, and worried... like zombies... in a dark area. Somewhere in this world.

Have you ever played live in France ? Will you be on stage in Paris this year ?

Unfortunately not, but we would like to come !

It would be a great pleasure to play in France... especially in Paris !!!! :-)

Thank you for your answers!

Thank You, I hope you could understand my « German-English » ..;-) !!! Love and Peace